Welcome to my home page. I finished my PhD in December 2013 at the Astronomy unit of the Physics department of the University of Trieste. My supervisors were Dr. Andrea Biviano and Prof. Stefano Borgani.

My research project dealt with the dynamics of galaxies in clusters, from both theoretical, by means of hydrodynamical simulations, and observational point of views.

In Trieste I was part of the numerical cosmology group at the Physics Department of the University of Trieste and in February 2014 I've started a postdoc with Prof. Pierluigi Monaco on the production and analysis of simulated galaxy catalogs for Euclid preparatory science by means of PINOCCHIO.

In November 2015 I moved to Copenhagen to work with Prof. Claudio Grillo on the comparison between simulated clusters and real ones observed in the CLASH project.

I then moved back to Trieste, at the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste to work on the Galaxy Cluster section of the Euclid mission

Here is the link to ADS with the list of my publications.

My research topics